Daytime Mentor (Full Stack Web Development)

Lighthouse Labs

Posted almost 6 years ago

Are you the person for us? How could you be? We are looking for the rarest of combinations:

  • Strong Web Developer but addicted to mentorship
  • Loves teaching, but doesn’t want to give up developing
  • Believes in learning by doing, even if you may have been classically trained
  • Loves people as much as code and code as much as people
  • Wants to try their hand in rapidly iterating a curriculum to better suit the 20 people in front of you that are all looking at you skeptically because you claim to be able to teach them so much in so little time that they will actually be employable

Lighthouse Labs is an intense 8-week bootcamp that turns beginners into professional developers. What we are seeking is people who think education can be done better. Our belief is simple: most of what you learn as a developer is on the job. Code is a craft and a great way to work on your craft is to study under people who treat the practice of code like Hattori Hanzō treats the making of swords.

Mentoring takes place on site at WeWork L’Avenue. Teaching at Lighthouse Labs is secondary to most developers’ primary responsibility and can be for 6-20 hours a week. As such, we schedule shifts based on your availability and preference, as best as possible. Scheduling can be fixed or determined on a weekly or bi weekly basis. Mentors are needed throughout the day from about 12pm to 5pm. Compensation is hourly. Mentors are responsible for handling any and all questions that come up. This includes pair programming and debugging issues with them, which in most cases is more valuable for the students than giving them an answer. Code reviewing and helping students refactor their code is also a big part of being a mentor.

Required experience:

  • Software Development: 2 years
  • Bilingual: French & English speaking
  • Experience with HTML/ CSS, Javascript, ActiveRecord + SQL + MongoDB, OOP, Ruby / - Rails, and NodeJS

To apply, please email [email protected].