Lightning Talks Meetup

June 18, 2019 - 18:00, 4200 St-Laurent, Suite 610

Right before summer, let's have some lightning talks! We will limit the night to 3 lightning talks. To have better chances of having yours accepted, submit it before Tuesday here:

Doors will open at 6PM and the meetup starts at 6:30.


  • Who? : Everyone who is interested in technologies, programming and Ruby on Rails or Ruby
  • How much?: It's free
  • Register?: No need, just come, you're welcome
  • Questions?: Contact Sophie ([email protected]) or tweet @montrealrb


The crystal language, an ode to ruby, by Timothee Clain and Nicholas Gelinas

Talk level: beginner

The crystal language is a statically-typed, compiled, and ruby-like language with terrific performance.

While still young, it could be the next ruby with enough love and interest, capitalizing on the fact that its learning curve is quasi null for any decent rubyist.

This talks will outline the current state of the language, its advantages, drawbacks and perspective.

About Timothee Clain and Nicholas Gelinas


Avid Learner. Educator. Artist

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