June 20th meetup

June 20, 2017 - 18:30

Centre Cloud.ca, 420 rue Guy, Montreal


Translating with Mobility, by Chris Salzberg

Talk level: intermediate

Slides: http://dejimata.com/2017/3/3/translating-with-m...

Translating stored content in a Ruby project can be a tricky task. How do you read, update and query your translations? Do you need to change your presentation logic to accommodate translations? And in what format will you actually store the translations?

Mobility is a gem I've built to help make working with translations easier. Unlike other translation gems, Mobility is "pluggable", in the sense that it supports many different storage strategies through a common interface. It also supports multiple ORM (ActiveRecord and Sequel currently). This makes it, I believe, the most flexible translation solution for your Ruby project.

I'll explain Mobility and a bit of background about how it internally manages multiple storage backends using some interesting Ruby metaprogramming.

About Chris Salzberg

Degica dejimata.com

Ruby/Rails programmer originally from Montreal, living and working in Tokyo.

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