September 20th meetup

September 20, 2016 - 18:30

Notman House, 51 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, 3e étage

We're getting back to the normal schedule!

We'll start with a talk Julia Evans kindly accepted to do specially for us and then we'll have a Gem Club.

A Gem Club is an open session where people present libraries and tool they think that people should know about. Don't worry if your gem has already been presented, there is always new people that may have never heard about it.

Since there is a lot of people using Elixir in the community, we'll try to include Hex packages in the Gem Club and see how it goes.


Postgre Sql 10^0, 10^1, 10^3, 10^6: The Fastest Ways To Add Data To Your Postgre Sql Instance, by François Beausoleil

Talk level: advanced

Ever wondered about the fastest way to insert data, and why? Seevibes scaled it's insert pipeline from 200 to 80,000 rows per second. François will share his knowledge with you.

Spying On Ruby, by Julia Evans

Talk level: intermediate

I wanted to spy on what functions my Ruby programs are running! So I wrote an experimental program to do it. We'll talk about Ruby internals, spying on Ruby with gdb, why I needed to learn DWARF, and how to build the future of Ruby debugging tools (spoiler: I'm not sure)

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