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10 FTW!

Yup!  I just realized that our next meet up will be the TENTH!  We’ve come a long way since our no-donut, totally crammed McGill classroom!

Hugo Frappier volunteered to talk about Solr and acts_as_solr.  This will be a great talk if you need to implement search in your Rails application and/or if you’re having problems with English/French searching.  

It’d be great to have a second speaker… nothing long or complicated… about 15-20 minutes.  If you’re interested, send me an email: carl at karabunga dot com.  If you have never presented yet, please think about giving back. 

As usual, please RSVP on Upcoming.org.

See you soon!

Thin web server, made in Montreal!

A fellow MoRer, Marc-Andre Cournoyer, has outdone himself again!  He just released a Ruby web server named Thin that will give Mongrel a run for its money.  Congrats and thanks!  Definitely looking forward to give it a shot. 

Montreal MySQL Meetup

My buddy Morgan Tocker who works for MySQL is holding the next Montreal MySQL meetup at SmartHippo on January 8.

This month’s talk will be an introduction to MySQL Administration (user permissions, backup and recovery, point in time recovery, locating slow queries and other bottlenecks).  Morgan really knows his stuff and I’m sure this presentation will be very interesting for many if not most of you.

Just RSVP on their Meetup.com page if you’re interested!