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August 19th Meet-up – Dine and Drinks

Pour célébrer l’été on va laisser de coté les présentation et à la place se donner rendez-vous au 3 Brasseurs du 732 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, QC H3B1B9 pour un souper et un peu à boire.

Il est impératif de s’enregistrer puisque nous faisons une réservation au restaurant


To celebrate a great summer we are eschewing the conventional monthly presentations in favour of a supper and drinks at the 3 Brewers at 732 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal, QC H3B1B9.

We must register for this event as we are making a reservation at the restaurant


June 17th – Ruby for noobies

Notre rencontre mensuelle aura le thème de l’apprentissage. Nos conférenciers vont nous montrer des outils et des techniques pour apprendre plus vite et mieux.



SShopifyhopify commandite la bière et la pizza comme les derniers mois. Ils  cherchent toujours des développeurs pour leurs bureaux à Montréal. N’hésitez pas à les contacter.


Our meet-up this month is all about learning. We’ve got a great lineup of speakers that will show us tools and techniques to help us get better.



Shopify iShopifys sponsoring beers and pizzas like in the past months. They are still searching developers for their Montreal office. Don’t hesitate to contact them.


When: June 17th, 2014 at 18:30
Where: Notman House on the 3rd floor

Who: Everyone who is interested in learning more about Ruby and Ruby on Rails

How much: Free

Register: No need, just come, you’re welcome

Questions?: Contact Gary Haran

July 17th meet-up

This is July, it’s really beautiful and warm outside. Here come the time for another Montreal.rb where you can meet your fellow rubyists, have great discussions and drink some beers. Some people from Startup Festival are still around and they told me they will come.


The first presentation will be by Colin Surprenant about Red Storm. He will show us his gem implementing the ruby interface to the Storm high throughput framework. Understand how to support the full Twitter hose using ruby.



The second part will be the gem club. Present us a new gem that you discovered or you built. Prepare a small presentation (max 5 minutes) if you want to. It is a good place to speak in front of the others for the first time. We want to hear you, don’t be shy.



I’m looking forward to see you on Tuesday.


When : July 17th, 2012 at 18:30

Where : Notman House

Who : Everyone who is interested in Ruby on Rails or Ruby

How much : Free

Register : No need, just come, your welcome

Questions? : Contact me

Messages March 30th

This is a quick message to keep you posted with what’s going on around the community.


For everyone that missed the SocialGrapes‘ wine tasting event because it was at the same time of the last Montreal.rb, Daniel Haran invites us and MontrealGeekGirl to the next one on April 10th. More information and tickets here.


As mentioned at last meet-up, Gary from Qwalify still has few Peepcode vouchers for a free video. Contact him by Twitter and he will happily give you one.


On the job side, Jobbook is looking for 2 experienced ruby programmers and an intern. Don’t miss your chance to work on an interesting project with a motivated team. See the offer here.


The next meet-up will be on April 17th. I’ll send a new message when the speakers will be confirmed.

July-August meetups

You are hard on me guys. We have an equality for July between a social meetup and a normal meetup. If I find speaker for July, we will have a normal meeting, if not, we will have a pub meetup.

Results :
July : A meetup on July 19th (3rd Tuesday of July)
August : Normal meetup on August 16th (3rd Tuesday of July)

If you want to get an incredible experience and talk at one of these meetups, send me an email.

Time to move?

When I announced the Programming 102 meeting (on April 19th), commenters asked about moving the meeting. Please help by filling out this form. I’ll post the results in a few days, or after 20 answers, whichever comes first.

Whatever the results of this survey, we’ll host the meeting at the CRIM on the 19th.

Keoox needs Rubyists

I received an email from Alain Laberge from Keeox. They need a senior Ruby developer. Here’s what he sent me:

Keoox is looking for an experienced senior level ruby on rails engineer to join our agile application development team. You will be responsible for building and maintaining our web and various backend systems (data-driven, e-commerce, etc.). Most of the work will be at the Model and Controller levels, but if you are comfortable in front-end html/css/javascript that would be a plus. You will also be responsible for working directly with the product owners and other members of the development team to shape, design and build new features. We work in two to three week iterations and follow Scrum software development models. Our engineering team is based in Montreal, Quebec.

Required Skills:

  • Minimum 5 years experience developing professional web applications using non Microsoft web technology (Java, PHP, Ruby, MySQL, etc)
  • Minimum 1 year experience developing Ruby on Rails web applications
  • SQL (MySQL preferred)
  • Comfortable at a UNIX or Linux command line
  • Familiar with how the Open Source world works
  • Strong communication skills
  • Basic HTML/JavaScript/CSS

Desired skills:

  • Experience working in an Agile Development Team
  • Experience working with complex back end processes
  • Professional experience building and consuming RESTfull, SOAP or any other web services
  • XML, JSON and other ways of representing data
  • Git
  • Bugzilla

If you’re interested, contact Alain directly.

Next Meeting: January 18th

See you at the CRIM, 405 Ogilvy St. The meeting starts at 6:45 PM, with time for some chat before:

  • 6:15 PM – doors open
  • 6:30 PM – Adrian Dafinei, president of AQIII – Association Québécoise des Informaticiennes et Informaticiens Indépendants
  • 7:15 PM – Round table discussion for next months
  • 8:00 PM – Beer and such at the Cafe Vesuvio

See you then! Make sure to RSVP.

November 16th recap

Thanks again to all for coming. I loved Jonathan’s RVM presentation. I think my presentation went well, but I believe I was a bit too fast. Please feel free to comment about the evening.

Chris Desnoyers from Synapsesix visited us and told us they were looking for Rails developers:

Looking for RoR talent in the Montreal area (but remote could work) to join our team. We specialize in Elections Management, Project/Follow-up Management and Logistics Management. We live on the cutting edge and need people who like being there as well.

You may contact Chris at chris.desnoyers@synapsesix.com.

Python Wrapup of September 21st

We were very fortunate to have Cyril Robert with us at the last Montreal.rb, and Cyril left some notes about his presentation over on his blog: Presentation at Montreal.rb, including a downloadable version of the 15-minute blog.

Again, I extend my thanks to Cyril for stepping up and wanting to talk about Python to us Rubyers. It’s always nice to talk about something we’re not used to.