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Upcoming: MoR4, Tuesday November 6th

With three successful events under our belt, we’re now getting ready for our fourth!

StandoutJobs‘ offices were such a pleasant venue that I think we’ll keep coming back – I don’t expect there will be much love lost for our old, anti-food-consumption, puppy-hating, pain-inducing McGill digs ;)

As usual, we have an amazing line-up of speakers (uhh..) lined-up:

  • Mathieu Martin will present JRuby, a 100% Java implementation of Ruby;
  • Alain Pilon will dish the goods on acts_as_state_machine;
  • Sylvain Carle, and his team from incandescently-hot startup Praized, will talk about Comatose and its integration inside an existing RoR app.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP here while there’s still room. If you come, please kindly be on time (yes, I’m looking at you Heri).

Like last month, we’ll have free pop on hand and order pizza for the hungry, so bring $5 if you would like to partake in Domino goodness. Also, bring a few extra bucks because we’ll be passing around a collection plate to help defray the costs of the chairs/equipment that Fred kindly picked up for the group.

Look forward to seeing y’all in a couple weeks.

First Meeting: Preview

So the first ever Montreal on Rails meetup is scheduled to take place on August 7th, over at a classroom on McGill campus. We’re revving our engines in anticipation, and hope you are too.

Many of you are probably wondering what the heck we’ll discuss at these crazy events. Well, wonder no more, because we’ll be providing a short preview ahead of each meeting.

August’s inaugural MoR meeting gets things off the ground right with two cool talks from a couple of local Ruby on Rails veterans:

As always, please do come armed with your very own Rails questions, because we’ll be aiming to have an open-forum Q&A session once the talks wrap up.

Looking forward to seeing y’all soon; we can barely contain our excitement. Literally.