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Shotgun Looking for Developers

Shotgun Software, a Vancouver based company, is looking for a developer, remotes accepted:

We have one main product called Shotgun.   It is a flexible web-based “production tracking and collaboration” application.   It is designed for everyone working in the studio across many roles and needs.   It has a customizable database, a flexible web interface, and an open API.   We provide defaults and tools, and our clients can build and evolve their own applications on top of this framework.   We are actively developing additional products we’ll be announcing soon.

Find more info on their job page.

Job Fair Results

With the excellent turnout, we had excellent opportunities to talk about what we need. Specifically:

  • Bloom Digital Platforms is looking for a SQL engineer to build custom reports. The person will interface directly with customers, build the necessary SQL query / queries and aggregate the results into CSV / Excel. Please contact Bosko Milekic for details;
  • Bloom Digital Platforms is looking for an intermediate to senior engineer to work on their admin UI.Please contact Bosko Milekic for details;
  • Stress Limited Design is looking for a Rails consultant to increase their chops. Talk to @stresslimit or email Colin directly;
  • Modis Canada is looking for people to build a team. Please contact Rachel Lemay with your contact information;
  • Yatter wants to change the way content is consumed and they want to build a Montreal-based team. Please contact Thomas Aabo for details;
  • Pierre Vandenberghe wants to help you achieve your customer’s aims;
  • Chris Brown and Andrew Holz want to build a team of 2 leads and 7 extra developers in Montreal for Bitbop, which is recent TV on your cellphone. Contact Andrew directly for details.

I’ll update this post as new information comes in.

Wigup.tv is looking for Ruby Developers

It’s a great time to be a Ruby developer: I’ve received word that Wigup.tv is looking for an intermediate to senior level Ruby developer.

Wigup.tv is an interactive mentor for people aged 7-18. The full PDF is: INTERACTIVE Développeur Ruby on Rails (French PDF).

Interested candidates should submit their resumes to ftessier@balestra.tv.