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September 17th discussion follow-up


Hier soir au meet-up, nous avons eu une discussion à propos du groupe et de ce qui s’y passe. Je vous fait parvenir ce courriel pour faire un résumé des actions que je vais mettre en place suite à cette discussion.

Premièrement, comme vous pouvez voir, la première partie de ce message est écrit en français. Je vais désormais faire les annonces au groupe dans les 2 langues. Le but ici est d’encourager les gens avec un peu moins de facilité en anglais à venir présenter des sujets ou discuter sur la mailing list.

Deuxièmement, j’ai été grandement surpris hier que la mailing list n’était connu que par 50% des gens à l’événement. Alors, nous allons encourager les gens à s’inscrire de façon à ce qu’il puisse se tenir à jour avec ce qu’il se passe dans le groupe. Tant qu’à faire cela, j’ai créé un nouveau groupe avec notre nouveau nom (Montreal.rb). Notre nouveau Google Group est: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/montrealrb. L’ancien était à l’adresse: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/montreal-on-rails. Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui participe régulièrement ou à l’occasion au groupe, invitez cette personne à se joindre à la nouvelle mailing list.

Troisièmement, nous allons avoir besoin d’un volontaire à chaque meet-up pour accueillir le gens. Le but ici est de bien accueillir les nouveaux participants à nos rencontres. En même temps, cette personne pourra inviter les gens à se joindre à la mailing list pour suivre le groupe. Selon moi, ce poste serait en rotation à chaque événement, je vous invite donc à vous y inscrire – c’est un excellent moyen de rencontrer les autres participants.

Quatrièmement, à chaque événement, nous allons réserver un talk de 5 minutes pour les personnes qui n’ont jamais parlé à Montreal.rb. Les nouveaux-venus auront un moment réservé pour eux. Ils pourront ainsi être moins intimidé par une présentation, se faire un peu d’expérience et une présentation de 5 minutes demande moins de préparation qu’un talk complet. Les gens seront encouragé à présenter un gem, une feature de ruby/RoR qu’ils viennent tout juste de découvrir et qu’ils apprécient. Ils pourront également présenter un projet qu’ils ont fait avec Ruby/RoR.

Finalement, je vous demande votre aide pour m’aider à organiser Montreal.rb. Il est difficile de trouver des talks. Si vous avez une idée intéressante et n’avez pas le temps de la présenter, partagez la avec le groupe. Quelqu’un d’autre sera peut-être intéressé à présenter le sujet qui vous intéresse. Je vais créer une liste sur le site web avec les idées proposées. Si vous êtes intéressé à faire un talk dans 1-2-3 mois, faites le moi savoir, je réserverai votre place à l’avance.

Pour conclure ce message, je voudrais vous rappeler de vous inscrire sur le nouveau Google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/montrealrb.

On se voit sur la nouvelle mailing list.


At the meet-up yesterday, we had a discussion about the groupe and what’s going on with it. This email we summarize the actions that I’ll take following this discussion.

First of all, as you can see, the first part of this email is in french. From now on, I’ll do the post to the group in both languages. The goal is to encourage people which are not fluant in english to come do a talk or share on the mailing list.

Afterward, I was really surprised that only 50% of people present yesterday know about the Montreal.rb mailing list. We’ll do some shmoozing so people can know about it and register. By doing that, I created a new mailing list which as our new name: The new Google group is: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/montrealrb – the old one was: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/montreal-on-rails. Please share the new mailing list address with people who are participating to Montreal.rb that you know.

Then, we’ll need a volunteer at each meet-up to welcome people. The goal is to be welcoming to new participants et invite people to register on the Google group. I think this position should be in rotation at every meet-up. You should register now to do it – it’s a great way to meet the other participants.

A each meet-up, we reserve a 5 minutes talk for participant who never talk to Montreal.rb. The newcomers will have a spot were is less stressful, less intimidating and require less work than a full blown talk. They can talk about a gem or a feature un Ruby/RoR they just discover and like. They can also talk about a project they did with Ruby/RoR.

Finally, I need your help to organize Montreal.rb. It’s really hard to find talks for the meet-ups. I you have an idea for a talk but you don’t have time to present it, please share it with the group. Someone else could be interested in presenting it. I’ll create a list on the web site to list those ideas. At the same time, if you are interested in doing a talk in 1-2-3 months, contact me, I’ll reserve you a spot in advance.

To conclude, please subscribe and share the new google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/montrealrb.

See you on the new mailing list.

February and March Review

During the last 2 months, we had 2 great events. Here are the reviews of the 4 talks we had.


On February 19th, James McKinney presented Open Data Day.




Then, Jean Boussier talked about ActiveModel::Serializers.




Then on March 19th, Christian Joudrey showed us Ruby One Time Password.




Finally, Edward Ocampo-Gooding presented Legato.




Finally, I really want to thanks our sponsors.

MotionElevenFebruary meet-up was sponsored by MotionEleven. They are still searching developers.



March meet-up was sponsored by Shopify. They are opening an office in Montreal and searching people to work there.



Next meet-up is April 16th. More information are coming soon.

January 15th Review

A ton of people showed up last week for the meet-up, it was very nice. Both talks were really interesting, here are the resources about them.


Alain Pilon presented Cloudinary – a cloud base images management SaaS. SLIDES



In the second talk, Hugo Frappier hacked Gary Haran computer really easily by using BlackTrack and the big rails security issue in manner of seconds. GIST


Last event was sponsored by Bandzoogle. They paid for beers and pizzas. They are currently searching a new Rails developer. It’s pretty cool to work there, ask Marc-André Lafortune. JOB POST


There is a new project called Montreal.rb Office Hours organized by Maxime Camirand. The goal is to regroup people using ruby together in the same room so someone can easily get help. No presentation, everyone works on its own project. This will become a weekly event. The first one is tomorrow – Wednesday, January 23rd.


On February 23rd, Open Data 2013 will occur. This is the best place to learn and use open data from a lot of sources like Montreal city and Quebec government. REGISTER


Next Meet-up is February 19th, I’ll see you there.

June 21st follow up

The last meetup was wonderful. Thanks to Gary Haran and Ian Jeffrey for their presentation on SASS and FounderFuel, it was really interesting.


For the job offer, Mentel searched for a web programmer beginner to expert in Ruby on Rail or PHP. Hopper.Travel was searching for a Ruby on Rails developper. And remember that FounderFuel take inscription until July 1st.


Rails 102 Recap

Wow! What great attendance tonight! I didn’t count, but I believe we had over 40 people tonight, including many new faces. I really enjoyed doing the exercise with you, and the people I spoke with were happy with the format, even if it was a bit fast.

To recap: our mission was to build an application where people would register for events: simple in idea, complex in execution. Some gems I used:

  • Rails (d’oh!)
  • Capybara
  • Steak
  • RSpec

Of course, the full gem manifest is available in the repository’s Gemfile.

I think we made good progress. We haven’t done any UI work, but that’s something an enterprising people can fix in an evening. If you enjoyed the evening, send me your GitHub username and I’ll give you commit rights. Then you can code away at will!

The book club was also a blast: we had 5 books to exchange tonight. That was great news for me. We had books by Steve Krug, Russ Olssen and Noel Rappin.

Do you remember the survey to see if we move or not? Well, we are: the Notman House will be our venue starting on the May 17th meeting. The Notman House is a shared co-working space with a venue for hosting meetups, such as ours. Sylvain Carle was very happy to have us move to the Notman House. Please change your address books: we’re moving to Sherbrooke and Clark.

In other news, I’m announcing the end of my tenure as the Montreal.rb organizer. I would like someone to volunteer to become the next organizer. Your tasks and responsibilities, should you choose to accept them, will be:

  1. To reserve a venue once per month;
  2. Find topics of interest and presenters to do them;
  3. Announce (through the blog and ad system) meetings and RSVP links;
  4. Keep the community informed of relevant news and topics through the blog;
  5. Present a cohesive community to the world.

I will resign just before our July and August break. I had a great time as the Montreal.rb organizer, and count myself lucky to have had such great speakers and technologies to talk about with all of you.

March 15th Wrapup

Well, we did not talk Ruby Implementations at all. But we had a very fun hour discussing tools, libraries and gems we use. In no particular order:

Email Marketing:


Project Management:

Montreal.rb Database Month Followup

Another excellent turnout: 35 people interested in Ruby came to our event last night. I stayed much too late, but was glad for the discussions with each and everyone of you.

Thanks again to Olivier, Colin and Sean for their excellent presentations.

A quick word from Olivier:

Merci pour l’opportunité de présenter a Montreal.rb, c’était un très bon exercice pour moi.

I believe the Job Fair is a good idea, since many people are either looking for something or have something to offer. If you haven’t already done so, please send me an email to tell me the details of your offers so I can post the information here. I’ll aggregate the information and do a separate post for the job fair results.

Thanks to all for braving the weather and here’s to seeing you next month, on March 15th, for the Ruby Implementation Month!

Who/where are you?

If you spoke up during the last Montreal.rb meeting saying you were looking for someone, or were available for hire, please put a comment here: I have received three requests for your names and contact details.

January 18th Recap

It was a great meeting. We had Adrian Dafinei talk to us about the Association Québécoise des Informaticiennes et Informaticiens Indépendants. Their website is www.aqii.org.

I also proposed a new format for the meetings. We’ll keep the 2 presentation format, but I’m adding a couple of thing. The new schedule will be the following:

  1. We’ll start with the Book Club: bring one or more books you want to share with the rest of the group. Register your book at bookcrossing.com. Leave it on the table when you come in. I’ll ask volunteers to talk about their books: just a couple of minutes – what did you like about your book, why you bought it and so on. Email me what book you’ll bring so I know roughly how many books will be on the table.
  2. Every 2 or 3 meetings, we’ll add the Gem Club: what gems did you recently use, how did your integration go, any caveats you want to mention. There’s a gem club in February. Tell me if you want to talk about your gems.
  3. After that we’ll have the regular one or two presentations, keeping essentially the same format – 10 to 15 minutes per presenter. I’ll have a monthly theme: be prepared.
  4. Any general public announcements would go here.
  5. Finally, if you are looking for a contractor / intern / employee / employer / client, now’s the time to talk about it. Bring your business cards to exchange with other people. Send me your information so I can post it here as well.

Don’t forget to bring your friends: we were 32 yesterday evening. We had one of the bigger rooms at the CRIM. Great venue. The more friends, the merrier it’ll be, and having more people exposed to Ruby spreads the knowledge around!

Just to give you an idea, here are the people who were looking for a contractor / intern / employee yesterday night:

  • Bandzoogle was looking for both interns and a full-time employee, their hiring announcement is Bandzoogle is hiring !;
  • Hugo Frappier was looking for someone to pair with him on a business plan;
  • Code Génome was also looking for someone.

There were more, and I’ll add them to the list as the information trickles in. Follow us on Twitter as @montrealrb.

Thanks again for coming, and see you next February 15th for Database Month. I’m still looking for 2 presenters: tell me if you want to present.

Reach me at francois@teksol.info.

September 21st Wrap up

We had loads of fun at our new venue yesterday. The CRIM is a very nice venue for holding technical meetings: well lighted, comfortable chairs, projector and Wifi. Big thanks to Yvan Ross for pointing us to the new venue.

Jeff Heon posted the slides to his talk on Slideshare: Clojure for Rubyists. Cyril Robert didn’t have slides, but you can start with Django‘s home page.

Hugo Frappier announced a Rails training session at the CRIM. More information on the Ruby on Rails – Beginner and Ruby on Rails – Intermediate course pages.

Really great presentations by our “outsiders”. Thanks again for coming to meet us!

Final announcement: I’m looking for theme ideas. I believe having a theme for the evening is a great way to structure talks. Email me or leave a comment. Our next meeting will be on October 19th.