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Meet-up October 16th

This month will be a little bit special since we receive someone from Groupon. Also, the Notman House is doing a Crowd Funding. I’m sure we can reach the 1000$ in donnation for Montreal.rb to have our logo in the café. Here is the details :


Andy Maleh, from Groupon, will present Rails Engine Patterns. Those patterns leverage Rails Engines to reuse code across multiple applications while still being able to customize behavior as needed, thus providing both improved productivity and better flexibility, without sacrificing maintainability.




The second part will be the Gem Club. Show a gem that you built or just discovered to the other in a small presentation or on the fly. We want to hear you, don’t be shy.





The Notman House needs our help. They are doing a crowd funding to continue the project. They receive us for free every month, the least we can do is to help them reach their goal. There is a package for User Group at 1000$ which will display or logo in café. It would be great if we can achieve it. All the contribution in the normal pledge with the name Ruby MTL will be accumulated. If we all give between 20 and 30$ we will reach it. If want to participate, send me an email to mprovencher86@gmail.com and I’ll monitor how much we are at and keep you posted. We can do this. Donate now http://www.indiegogo.com/notman.


At last meet-up, I got asked to share the slides and github code of the presentations.


Automate your Infrastructure with Chef

by Christian Joudrey




by Martin Chabot


I’ll see you next week and don’t forget to give to the Notman House.



When : October 16th, 2012 at 18:30

Where : Notman House

Who : Everyone who is interested in Ruby on Rails or Ruby

How much : Free

Register : No need, just come, your welcome

Questions? : Contact me


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