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Last meetup and Notman House

I’m sending our last update for the crowd funding and the information of the last meetup.


The Notman House crowd funding is almost over, only 20h left. We only miss 400$, any amount count to achieve our goal. I’m sure we can do it. How to give in the name of Montreal.rb :

  1. Go to http://www.indiegogo.com/notman?a=1599326
  2. Click to give a no perk donation
  3. Confirm that you chose no perkĀ  (see image bellow)
  4. Enter “Montreal.rb” as a name
  5. Send me an email to confirm the amount so I can follow our total.


The presentations of the last meetup:

Rails Engine Patterns

by Andy Maleh




Gem Club



The next meetup will be on November 20th. I’m still missing a speaker, send me an email if you want to share your knowledge with everyone.

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