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June news

I’ve received some messages for the group during the month. It’s the time I share them with you.


The first message is for WordCamp Montreal. I’m a little bit late, the deadline is for today.

Speakers are volunteers and unpaid, but it is a warm crowd and a fun, laid-back event. For the uninitiated, WordCamps are technology conferences that are organized all over the world, by volunteers, and cover topics related to WordPress, the open source blogging and CMS tool, but also social media, SEO, startups, code, etc. If you’d like to speak, please apply! If you know someone who would like to speak please encourage them. If you’d like to speak but have no idea what you would speak about, please contact me by email and I’ll be happy to help you.



Technical Co-Founder/CTO wanted for www.whopaid.it

Are you funny, ambitious, hungry for action and adventure, entrepreneurial by nature, interested in joining www.founderfuel.com with us and do you hack back-end, front-end (UX/UI extremely important) and are you (preferable) familiar with FB’s Open Graph? Or do you know someone who meets these traits awfully close? Drop us a line and a LinkedIn profile at one of the following: @whopaidit | email | 514 238-0744

Finally, there is the 3 job offers presented by Jesta Digital during last meeting :


Don’t forget the meet-up tomorrow at Notman House.

Meet-up June 19th

Summer has arrived and Montreal.rb continues. This month will have a little quirk but still be like your usual meet-up.


We’ll start the night with a SocialGrapes LAB. This is a wine tasting activity where we taste 2-3 wines and note them. We will have a full presentation at the start of the event.



The first talk will be by Mathieu Martin about Heroku.

Heroku is making their Cedar stack the default one starting June 20th. June 19th seems like the perfect time for an advanced live coding & deployment session.

I’ll show you how to:

  • get an awesome hosting setup in minutes (staging and production),
  • get up to 5 app servers using one dyno (free), thanks to Unicorn,
  • set up best practice asset hosting for great end user performance,
  • scale up and down from the command line,
  • use Node.js and others,
  • use your preferred version of Ruby, including 1.9.3,
  • best practices learned using Heroku in production for 2 years.

In the second part, François Beausoleil will present us Sequel.

Why should you use it? How should you use it? What are the differences with ActiveRecord? Have an open mind and challenge the Rails default libraries.

As usual, we’ll complete the evening at Benelux for drinks and chats. I’ll see you next week.

When : June 19th, 2012 at 18:30

Where : Notman House

Who : Everyone who is interested in Ruby on Rails or Ruby

How much : Free

Register : No need, just come, your welcome

Questions? : Contact me