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Messages March 30th

This is a quick message to keep you posted with what’s going on around the community.


For everyone that missed the SocialGrapes‘ wine tasting event because it was at the same time of the last Montreal.rb, Daniel Haran invites us and MontrealGeekGirl to the next one on April 10th. More information and tickets here.


As mentioned at last meet-up, Gary from Qwalify still has few Peepcode vouchers for a free video. Contact him by Twitter and he will happily give you one.


On the job side, Jobbook is looking for 2 experienced ruby programmers and an intern. Don’t miss your chance to work on an interesting project with a motivated team. See the offer here.


The next meet-up will be on April 17th. I’ll send a new message when the speakers will be confirmed.

Meet-up March 20th

This month will focus on tools to use with you next ruby project.


The first presentation will be by Sami Dalouche. Sami will talk about Git’s internals. Do you know what git is doing behind the scene when you execute a commit or a rebase? Did you already make a command that didn’t work and you never understood why? This presentation will go through git building-blocks (index, working directory, blob, tree, commit, tag, remote), whom understanding is a prerequisite to use git’s advanced features such as interactive rewriting of the history, rebasing, bisecting, etc.



In the second part, Rafael Rosa, our new ruby guy in town, will present us ruby-debug. Like most languages, Ruby has a debugger tool, but very few people use it, specially when coding without an IDE. Rafael will show how to set it up and use it to easily debug your code to find those nasty bugs that are hard to fix just with tests. He’ll also show how to use Pry, an alternative to the IRB console, which has lots of goodies.


Lots of interesting stuff this month, don’t miss it.


When : March 20th, 2012 at 18:30

Where : Notman House

Who : Everyone who is interested in Ruby on Rails or Ruby

How much : Free

Questions? : Contact me