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January – events + jobs

This month is a very busy. I got 4 events and 6 job offers to present to you. I hope you a ready for a long post ;-) .



The first event is organized by François Beausoleil at Notman House on February 2nd. Yes, your last president of Montreal.rb is inviting for an afternoon of Scala with Actors for Twitter analytic and a workshop evening of complex SQL queries. Being good in SQL, is always useful for any Rails developer. Both these events are free and you need to register (Scala, SQL). For more information, see François’ blog post.


The next event is The Cloud Robotics Hackathon (register here). It will take place at the Notman House from March 2nd to March 4th. I’d really like to see a Ruby team participating to that event. If you are interested, you can contact me, I’ll try to build the team.


The Cloud Robotics Hackathon aims to catalyse the creative process and bring roboticists, programmers, and hackers to produce social robotic applications that use collaboration between machines through cloud-computing, and natural interaction with humans in order to reach useful goals. The mains instance of the Hackathon will be held in Montreal, and teams around the world are invited to hack as well at on the same day under the same rules.

By encouraging makers and hackers to embrace the technologies of the future (being cloud computing and robotics) we ensure that today’s creative minds will be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. Hackers are invited to let their imagination go wild and come up with their own project ideas. A sample project could involve a cellphone robot using cloud computing to understand speech, text-to-speech, and web services to play a text based adventure game with a human in a more natural way than typing and clicking.


Don’ forget that Confoo will occur from February 29th to March 2nd at Hilton Bonaventure Hotel. Don’t miss your chance to socialize with Charles Olivier Nutter (headius – JRuby), Marc-André Lafortune (Ruby MRI), Joseph Wilk (Cucumber) and more from Ruby and other technologies. See the sessions list and register.


The first edition of StartupWeekend is coming in Montreal for the first time Feb 3rd to Feb 5th. The goal is to team up with entrepreneurs, designers and developers and launch a startup in 54 hours. Show how the members of Montreal.rb are good at launching product. If you are interested, I can help you organize a Ruby team. Just send me an email.

We have sponsors such as Fasken Martineau, HEC Montreal, Real Ventures, BDC and also developer-friendly sponsors such as github, context.io or uservoice.

We’re now partnering with StartupWeekend to give a 66% discount on tickets price (25$ instead of 75$), to encourage fellow ruby developers participate in the event. Send me a message to get the discount code.



The first job offer is from GIGA Base. They are opening a software team in Montreal for the a China based company.

GIGA is an IT and Greentech company which is pioneering green material sourcing and construction in China with web-based softwares and services that evaluate project data, material chemistry and connect the entire green building industry.

GIGA is the go-to resource to find and source green products and services. Based in Shanghai, GIGA is an international greentech and green building pioneer. A global catalyst for safe, healthy products.

We believe architecture and product design can regenerate our environment. Our mission is to meet China’s growing demand for healthy products and services.


A totally new project is starting in Montreal. If you are eager to try to build you own company, this offer is for you.

Are you a rails expert? 

Are you sick of working on projects that never see the light of day?  **I have 7 Customers waiting and ready to pay.

Are you interested in being a part of a project that will revolutionize the way mobile equine professionals (Translate: Horse Dentists…crazy right?) do their job?

I’m unlike any other partner you’ll work with. (Yes, I’m not your boss, we are partners in this together).
I have been hitting the phones over the past 3 months working with hundreds of potential customers in this market and have ultimately flushed out a business problem that many of them face. The 7 I have ready to pay are the most passionate and eager of the bunch and will be our beta users.
Here’s what I need: I am looking for someone who is ready to put in a minimum of 30 hours/week on this project. I also want someone who will stick around and support their own code while we beta and then start to add new functions and features. I need a creative coder who will help me make decisions and be a part of the entire development process, a long-term (paid) partner who is ready to kick some serious ass.
By the way, I’m a huge fan of 37 Signals and so my goal here is to put out 1/2 of a product, get feedback, and refine. You’re going to love working on this!

If you’re interested in hearing more drop me a note at davidwalawrence@gmail.com or even better, call me at 514 926 7706 and we can go over the project in greater detail.



Qwalify (who paid the beers during last meet-up) is also searching RoR developers. They are based in Calgary but they are evaluating moving in Montreal. You can get in contact with them.


National Film Board of Canada is looking for someone to coach their Web team on finding the right BDD framework. Short contract of approximately 35 non consecutive hours. The contract must be completed by the end of March 2012.


Marc Lamarche from Swakes is also searching a partner/developer for his project. Don’t hesitate to contact him for any questions.


Recoset as searching for a DevOps guy. Contact them for more details.


This is it for January. I’ll see you all on February 21st. I’m still searching talkers. I’m counting on you.

Meet-up January 17th

After a break in December, Montreal.rb is back in January. We will continue like last year : third Tuesday of each month 18:30 at Notman House.

We start the year with a one hour presentation from Marc-André Cournoyer.

This presentation will teach you when and how to drop words such as “homoiconic” to impress your friends and family. … Oh! and we’ll also code a language similar to Io in less than 150 lines of Ruby code without any external library or utility. Satisfaction guaranteed!



A quick message to remember you that the early bird price for Confoo ends January 13th. You still have 3 days to save 200$.


When : January 17th, 2012 at 18:30

Where : Notman House

Who : Everyone who is interested in Ruby on Rails or Ruby

How much : Free

Questions? : Contact me


EDIT : It’s in January, not in December. Thanks for the info.

EDIT 2 : It seems we changed year also.