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Nimonik CTO/Lead-Dev

Nimonik is searching a CTO/Lead-Dev. They are a small and growing B2B SaaS company based in Montreal with an annual 100% growth rate. If you want more information : http://www.nimonik.ca/2011/06/come-work-with-us-cto-at-nimonik/ .


Contact Jonathan Brun if you are interested.

July-August meetups

You are hard on me guys. We have an equality for July between a social meetup and a normal meetup. If I find speaker for July, we will have a normal meeting, if not, we will have a pub meetup.

Results :
July : A meetup on July 19th (3rd Tuesday of July)
August : Normal meetup on August 16th (3rd Tuesday of July)

If you want to get an incredible experience and talk at one of these meetups, send me an email.

Hackaton Context.IO and Cakemail

Sarah-Jane Morris, Community Manager at Context.IO, informed me that on July 13th, they are hosting a hackaton with CakeMail. You’ll have access to Context.IO, CakeMail, Xobni, Litmus API during the day. Prices and new APIs should be announced shortly.

They also have a  twitter contest – anyone who follows @ContextIO, tweets about the event between now and the end of the day on July 12th Tand uses the hashtag #hackemail will be entered into a drawing for an all-access pass to Startup Fest! To be eligible to win though they need to be present at the hackathon when they’ll do the drawing.


For more information : http://hackyouremail.eventbrite.com/.

June 21st follow up

The last meetup was wonderful. Thanks to Gary Haran and Ian Jeffrey for their presentation on SASS and FounderFuel, it was really interesting.


For the job offer, Mentel searched for a web programmer beginner to expert in Ruby on Rail or PHP. Hopper.Travel was searching for a Ruby on Rails developper. And remember that FounderFuel take inscription until July 1st.


Meet next week (June 21st)

Don’t forget our meeting Tuesday next week.

Gary HaranFirst, we will have Gary Haran who will present SASS. SASS is a CSS3 extension that will be there by default in Rails 3.1.





FounderFuelIn the second part, we will have Ian Jeffrey the general manager of FounderFuel that will present its Startup Accelerator. It will be a good place to ask questions since they are recruiting until July 1st. In addition, FounderFuel will sponsor beers for the meeting.


So free beer + Rails 3.1 stuff + Startup, you cannot miss that.

Master Brewer

The Confoo organization invited us to participate to the Confoo BBQ the 6 of August. For that activity, we would need a master brewer to brew and bring a beer to represent the Montreal.rb community. If you are interested, email me.


Edit : Add my email address.

Meet June 21st

This month, we will have another dip into Rails 3.1 since Gary Haran (@garyharan) will present SASS. The meeting will be at the Notman House at 6:30 PM like last month.


See you there!