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Job Fair Results

With the excellent turnout, we had excellent opportunities to talk about what we need. Specifically:

  • Bloom Digital Platforms is looking for a SQL engineer to build custom reports. The person will interface directly with customers, build the necessary SQL query / queries and aggregate the results into CSV / Excel. Please contact Bosko Milekic for details;
  • Bloom Digital Platforms is looking for an intermediate to senior engineer to work on their admin UI.Please contact Bosko Milekic for details;
  • Stress Limited Design is looking for a Rails consultant to increase their chops. Talk to @stresslimit or email Colin directly;
  • Modis Canada is looking for people to build a team. Please contact Rachel Lemay with your contact information;
  • Yatter wants to change the way content is consumed and they want to build a Montreal-based team. Please contact Thomas Aabo for details;
  • Pierre Vandenberghe wants to help you achieve your customer’s aims;
  • Chris Brown and Andrew Holz want to build a team of 2 leads and 7 extra developers in Montreal for Bitbop, which is recent TV on your cellphone. Contact Andrew directly for details.

I’ll update this post as new information comes in.

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