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Gem Club Coming Right Up!

I want 2 or 3 people to talk about gems they’ve been using. Besides the obvious Rails and Sinatra, what gems have you used that not everyone might use? If you want to show slides, please send them to me so we don’t have to plug/unplug a computer for every gem talker.

The first gem club will be on March 15th. See you then!

Looking for Ruby Implementation Speakers

What Ruby implementation are you using in production? Do you want to talk about it? Please consider speaking about it to the group. It’s good experience for you, exposes you to more networking opportunities, and lets the whole group learn. Simply send me an email and I’ll give you a spot.

Our next meeting will be on March 15th. See you then!

Job Fair Results

With the excellent turnout, we had excellent opportunities to talk about what we need. Specifically:

  • Bloom Digital Platforms is looking for a SQL engineer to build custom reports. The person will interface directly with customers, build the necessary SQL query / queries and aggregate the results into CSV / Excel. Please contact Bosko Milekic for details;
  • Bloom Digital Platforms is looking for an intermediate to senior engineer to work on their admin UI.Please contact Bosko Milekic for details;
  • Stress Limited Design is looking for a Rails consultant to increase their chops. Talk to @stresslimit or email Colin directly;
  • Modis Canada is looking for people to build a team. Please contact Rachel Lemay with your contact information;
  • Yatter wants to change the way content is consumed and they want to build a Montreal-based team. Please contact Thomas Aabo for details;
  • Pierre Vandenberghe wants to help you achieve your customer’s aims;
  • Chris Brown and Andrew Holz want to build a team of 2 leads and 7 extra developers in Montreal for Bitbop, which is recent TV on your cellphone. Contact Andrew directly for details.

I’ll update this post as new information comes in.

RailsConf Promo Code for Montreal.rb crowd

Just a quick note to remind you that RailsConf is coming up. Baltimore, MD is the hosting city for this year, and RailsConf will be from May 16th to 19th.

O’Reilly graciously offered a discount code for the Montreal.rb crowd: get 15% off with code rc11usrg.

Hope you take advantage of this offer!

Montreal.rb Database Month Followup

Another excellent turnout: 35 people interested in Ruby came to our event last night. I stayed much too late, but was glad for the discussions with each and everyone of you.

Thanks again to Olivier, Colin and Sean for their excellent presentations.

A quick word from Olivier:

Merci pour l’opportunité de présenter a Montreal.rb, c’était un très bon exercice pour moi.

I believe the Job Fair is a good idea, since many people are either looking for something or have something to offer. If you haven’t already done so, please send me an email to tell me the details of your offers so I can post the information here. I’ll aggregate the information and do a separate post for the job fair results.

Thanks to all for braving the weather and here’s to seeing you next month, on March 15th, for the Ruby Implementation Month!

Reminder: February 15th is Database Month

Remember that we’ll be discussing databases at tomorrow’s meeting.

Our tentative schedule:

  1. 6:15 PM – Doors open
  2. 6:30 PM – Job Fair (announce you’re looking for someone, or that you’re free)
  3. 6:45 PM – Olivier Melcher will talk to us about what makes MongoDB unique
  4. 7:00 PM – Book Club (bring your books! Register them at bookcrossing.com)
  5. 7:15 PM – Colin Vernon will share a case study on MongoDB + MongoMapper + Devise & Internationalization
  6. 7:30 PM – Varia
  7. 8:00 PM – Café Vésuvio for beer and food

Please RSVP at Upcoming.

Database Month: Need Speakers

Interested in talking about your experience using a database? Speak up!

Please contact Gary Haran to announce your intention, as I’ll be on the beach, relaxing, prior to our meeting.

Any database-related subject’s free for the taking!