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Reminder: Meeting moved, still Tuesday!

Just a quick reminder that the December 21st meeting is at RPM, 420 Guy St, and that Yvan Ross will be the organizer. The meeting is still at the same time, and please RSVP as early as possible.

December 21st: One Time Change of Venue

53% voted moved to another venue, 33% voted we have a social gathering only, and 13% wanted to cancel the meeting. We had 15 participants in the survey.

RPM Montreal You have voted: we’re moving for just this meeting. Our venue is graciously offered by RPM Montreal. From their home page: RPM is a shared coworking space in Montreal’s Griffintown district.

RPM Montreal is located at 420 Rue Guy. Get directions from RPM Montreal’s directions and contact info page. Meet us at 6:30 PM on December 21st.

As I alluded to previously as well, I will not be present to host the meeting, but Yvan Ross will take the reins.

Please also remember we’re moving back to the CRIM in January.

Venue Closed on December 21st

Yvan Ross, our contact at the CRIM, told me the CRIM is closed from December 17th to January 10th. We, as a community, have a decision to make: either we move for one meeting, or cancel the meeting.

Ryan Neufeld, a developer from Manitoba, is coming to meet us. I could always organize a social only event. I will still be absent but can setup all details.

Please answer your preference (popup form). I will accept answers until December 14th.

Speakers Wanted for December 21st

If you have an interesting experience, or anything you want to share with the group, you’re more than welcome to contact me, François, and I’ll set you up to be a speaker.

It doesn’t have to be long, and you’ll build recognition in the community. That’s the second step to being “famous”, the first step being to have a blog and posting interesting content!

Things we have talked little about:

  • Functional programming;
  • Reactive programming;
  • Benchmark NoSQL vs MySQL/PostgreSQL;
  • Tell us how you use Oracle from Rails;
  • Rails + Windows;
  • Screen vs tmux;
  • Fat clients, e.g. ExtJS, Dojo;
  • Passenger a.k.a. mod_rails;
  • Rails from Cocoa / CocoaTouch / Objective-C;
  • Alternative Ruby implementations: it’s been a long time since Mathieu talked about Rubinius, and JRuby’s been making the rounds about how easy it is to get started with;
  • Anything else that strikes your fancy!

Any of those subjects would be a great addition to our community knowledge base.

I’m looking forward to your emails telling me you want to present!