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Montreal.rb Branding: New Logo, New Direction

Before Gary’s talk yesterday, Sean Braithwaite showed us a great new logo:

With this logo, and Gary’s talk, we suddenly find ourselves ready to generate lots of new content. To this end, I propose we have a Hacknight on March 4th, at 6:30 PM where we will dissect and extend one gem we, as a group, will choose. We have lots of great candidates.

The format I want to explore is as a group we concentrate on a single project. We have received permission to use Bloom’s offices again, so we have access to the big screen for coding. Essentially, I’m proposing a big pairing session, with 10-12 heads instead of 2. If you’re interested, please RSVP.

PS: If you want the logo, download it from http://teksol.s3.amazonaws.com/montreal-rb.png.

Montreal.rb Recap: Do the Hustle by Obie Fernandez

At yesterday’s Montreal.rb meetup, Gary Haran mentioned Obie Fernandez RubyFringe talk: Do the Hustle.

Martin Aumont‘s presentation on Holygrail was also of great value. Kudos to our presenters!

I unfortunately had to leave early, but I hope discussions were great.

Reminder: Montreal.rb meetup tonight, 18:30

We have 2 presenters tonight: Martin Aumont and Gary Haran.

Martin will talk about JavaScript testing from Ruby, while Gary has an open talk planned.

No RSVP required.

See you there!

New Speaker Announced! Gary Haran on "Silicon Island"

I received very strict instructions from Gary to only say this about his talk:

Gary Haran from Talker Group Chat fame is going to have a flash talk on a super secret subject that will be revealed at this month’s meeting.

With Martin, we’re now at 2 speakers. There’s still time to announce your talk to me.

See you on February 16th!

First speaker announced: Martin Aumont on JavaScript + DOM in your Rubies

Martin told me he will speak at the next Montreal.rb on February 16th about his gems: Harmony and Holygrail.

Hope to see you there!

Next Montreal.rb on February 16th: Looking for speakers!

We’re looking for speakers for the next Montreal.rb, on Tuesday February 16th.

Please make some noise about Montreal.rb. See if you can bring a friend or colleague along.