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Montreal.rb Pub Night – June 4th

After May’s Montreal.rb, I started thinking about how much I enjoy drinks after the presentations. That’s usually my favourite part of the whole thing.

So, next week, we’re going to have the first dedicated Montreal.rb pub night at McKibbins pub on Bishop (not the West Island location). I’m planning to show up around 6:30pm. They have great veggie burgers. So, I’ll probably eat dinner there.

Tonight's Montreal.rb – Git, Hippos, and more

Tonight’s Montreal.rb is sure to be a good one.

We’ve got Mat Martin of Smart Hippo talking about “Working with git”. Mat’s going to show us how to take better advantage of git’s (awesome) power.

Then, we have Martin Aumont (not from Smart Hippo) talking about Enumerable#every, Symbol#to_proc’s hot cousin.

We’ve also got Martin Carel, also of Smart Hippo, speaking about git log. His summary: “Owning a project’s git history with “git log” and friends. Live demo lightning talk.”

Finally, Sean Braithwaite, also from Smart Hippo (maybe they’re carpooling or something?), is going to be talking about DataMapper. I’m really excited about this one, because DataMapper is awesome. Here’s Sean’s description of the talk:

Datamapper is an ruby (MRI, YARV, JRuby) Object Relational Mapper
(ORM) comparable to Sequel or ActiveRecord. Unlike it’s comparables,
datamapper is becoming increasingly data store agnostic. Not only can
it be used to avoid writing sql, but is aiming to define a general
language for object storage. This talk aims to present the recent
developments in dm-core/next branch and what these changes have to
offer developers working with multiple non relational data stores.