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Yes, this is it.  Montreal on Rails #11, better known as Montreal Against Rails will be held on next Tuesday.  As mentionned before, this is a special event that focuses on alternatives to Rails.  A great way to learn completely different things if you’ve been

  1. James Robertson (USA) will be talking about Seaside, a Smalltalk web framework.  
  2. Marc-André Cournoyer will be talking about Rack
  3. Carl Mercier (me!) will be talking about Merb (will be short)   Cancelled.
This is going to be a great event.  We’ll most likely order food like in the good old days, so please bring some cash. (UPDATE: since we’ll have only 2 talks, we might go for food after, depending on what people prefer) 
A lot of people are really looking forward to this event (from what I heard), so please make sure to reserve your seat on Upcoming.org.  We might just be sold out.
See you on Tuesday!

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