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Refactoring to Patterns: post-mortem

Thanks to Francois for presenting last night!  It was awesome, especially the part about Defensio <g>! (hey! gotta crank up my Google juice one way or another!)  I decided to NOT pursue a career in Hollywood.  My acting performance was rather poor, so I won’t try to go after Brad Pitt’s lunch.

You can find his slides and more info about his talk right here.

I  need your help (yes, you!)…

  1. What did you think of the new format? Should we scrap it, improve it?
  2. Should we take a break for the summer?
  3. We need presenters. You don’t need to be an expert to present, and it’s a lot of fun!

Thanks for everyone for coming, hope to see you soon!

MoR #9 is coming up

After a little break, MoR is coming back! The next event will be held on May 20. Wanna come? Please RSVP.

This month, we’re trying a different format: less talk, more booze (this could be dangerous).

We’ll start with a presentation by Francois Beausoleil entitled “Refactoring to Patterns: How Mephisto went from a single engine Lada to a multi-engine jet fighter”. Francois said he’ll need a few volunteers to help out.

Then, instead of the usual pizza and more talks, we’ll all go grab a bite and drink a cold one somewhere. This is your chance to talk Ruby with other nerds.

So the question is, where should we go eat? I don’t know Montreal very well so I need your help on this one. Please comment with your suggestions. cheers!