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Refactoring MoR + month off

Hola! First of all, thanks to our presenters from our last meet-up. I had to leave early and didn’t see them, but I heard good things. Congrats!

I’ll be in California for most of April and I thought… I can either ask someone to organize the next meeting, or take a month off. I asked a few buddies what they thought and came to the conclusion that we should just take a little break and hold the next meeting in May.

Last month’s attendance was a little lower than usual; I think some people are getting a little bit tired of the format. I know I am.  In my opinion, Mor is starting to get a little to repetitive and we don’t have enough time to chit-chat. I asked around and people seem to be most interested in:

  • less presentation
  • more schmoozing
  • more boozing
  • less Domino’s

I suggest we turn the whole thing around and change the format. In order to do it right, I need your feedback. Tell me what you like/hate about MoR and we’ll fix it.

Here’s what I suggest:

  • 1 “long” talk, as we know it (30-40 mins)
  • 2 “short” talk, 5-15 mins max
  • then we all go eat/drink somewhere. (no more Domino’s, please!)

Unless you’re totally offended by taking a month off, our next meeting will be on May 20.

Please comment with for your feedback!

Thoughts? Ideas? Complains?


Just a quick reminder, MoR is tomorrow night.  Please RSVP if you’re coming,