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Announcing MoR 7 presenters (that was fast!)

We already have our 2 presenters, woah! The next meetup sure will be a great one. Here’s our superstar line-up:

- James Golick: How to read the Rails sources
- Marc-André Cournoyer: Thin
- Julien Guimont: Encrypted URL Helper (speed demo)

Some people suggested we have short-and-sweets presentations. I’m willing to try this out. If you’re interested in doing a 10 minutes max presentation, send me an email and I’ll add you to the list. (we now have our man!) Due to time constraints (and people having a life outside of coding), we’ll only have 1 short presentation this month.

MoR 7: February 19

I just updated the website to reflect the date of the next MoR meetup. It will be held on February 19th. As usual, I ask you to RSVP if you plan on attending.We still need 1 more person to present. If you’re interested, drop me an email: carl at karabunga dot com. It’s a lot of fun, trust me.See you then!

Followup on tonight's event

(I’ll be brief, my bed is waiting)

Thanks to everybody for coming out tonight! Special thanks to our presenters, Luc and Jean-François.

If you’re interested in GIT, you definitely need to watch the Peepcode video. They gave us a lot of freebies, so please encourage them; they make awesome videos. (really!) You also want to read this article on J-F’s blog. It’ll show you how to put the branch name in your shell prompt. (that alone was worth coming to MoR tonight in my opinion)

As I mentioned tonight, I want to hear your comments on how to make MoR better, so I started this thread on the Google Group. Please send your ideas. I care, really.

I figure we were a bit short on pizza tonight. I’m sorry about that, I’ll try to do better next time. It’s hard to gauge how hungry you are!

I also noticed that a lot of people didn’t RSVP. PLEASE do in the future.

Finally, we need 2 presenters for next month. Please send me your topic at carl at karabunga dot com.

Oh… and here’s what beer does to your brain ;-) :

Beer can definitely affect your behaviors

See you next time: February the 19.

Next event: tomorrow!

Don’t forget! Our 6th monthly meeting will be held TOMORROW NIGHT, Tuesday, Standout Jobs.

We’ll have pizza (bring 7$ in cash if you want to partake) and as usual, we’ll have great presentations: GIT and ActionFlow by Jean-François Couture and Luc Boudreau respectively.

I’ll also be interested in hearing about your suggestions on how we could make MoR better and even more interesting. So start thinking about it… ;-)

See you tomorrow folks!

Thin web server, made in Montreal!

A fellow MoRer, Marc-Andre Cournoyer, has outdone himself again!  He just released a Ruby web server named Thin that will give Mongrel a run for its money.  Congrats and thanks!  Definitely looking forward to give it a shot.