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Montreal MySQL Meetup

My buddy Morgan Tocker who works for MySQL is holding the next Montreal MySQL meetup at SmartHippo on January 8.

This month’s talk will be an introduction to MySQL Administration (user permissions, backup and recovery, point in time recovery, locating slow queries and other bottlenecks).  Morgan really knows his stuff and I’m sure this presentation will be very interesting for many if not most of you.

Just RSVP on their Meetup.com page if you’re interested!

Announcing MoR 6 presenters

Yes, already! We have our 2 presenters for January. Again, we have an awesome line-up:

Thanks guys!  Really looking forward to hear what you have to say!

Thank you!

Just a quick thank you to everybody who braved the weather and showed up last night.  I had a lot of fun presenting and I sure hope you found my talk insightful.  And congrats to Mehdi who did an awesome job at explaining how to setup a great Rails box.  The slides can be found on the “Past Presentations” page.

Our next event will be held on January 15, 2008 and WE NEED 2 PRESENTERS!  So please get in touch if you’re interested.

Until then, have a great Holiday and take some time to relax.