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MoR5 is next Tuesday!

Just a quick reminder, MoR5 is next Tuesday at Standout Jobs.  If you wish to attend, please RSVP at Upcoming.org.  We had a few no-shows in the past.  We ask you to please remove your name from the RSVP list if you can’t make it.  Be nice and leave your spot to somebody else… we’re always sold out!

This month, we’re going to focus on the deployment of your incredible world-changing, Facebook killer, Microsoft exterminator Rails app.  Our 2 presentations will be:

  • Carl Mercier (that’s me!): Where to deploy your Rails application on the cheap? An overview of shared hosting, VPS and Amazon EC2.
  • Mehdi Adda: Putting the pieces together: how to setup the ultimate Rails box.

As it is now the tradition, we’ll have pizza and soda to feed the hungry.  If you wish to partake, please bring 7$ to cover the expenses.  Yes, that’s 2$ higher than usual: 5$ was unfortunately not enough to cover the costs and we had to pay it out of our own pocket.  But as Rails developers charging hundreds per hour, I guess it shouldn’t affect you too much…  Will it? ;-)

See you on Tuesday, cheers!

Next event, December 4


Our next event will take place on December 4 at Standout Jobs, as now usual.  Here are the confirmed presentations so far:

  • Carl Mercier: Where to deploy your Rails application?  An overview of shared hosting, VPS and Amazon EC2.
  • Mehdi Adda: Putting the pieces together: how to setup the ultimate Rails box.

The 15-minute spot is still open.  Please contact me if you’re interested in presenting.  It’s a lot of fun, really!

See you soon!

MoR4: Event Roundup

It was great to see familiar faces on Tuesday night — it’s starting to feel like there really is a tight RoR community here in town, and that’s exactly the point of these events.

Many thanks to the evening’s speakers!

  • Mathieu Martin, an up-and-coming RoR star, provided an in depth look into JRuby, something a lot of devs were clearly interested in, but few had played around with.
  • Alain Pilon, who is a business analyst by day and coder by night, talked about acts_as_state_machine, a plug-in that appears very useful for a wide range of applications.
  • Sylvain Carle, local tech legend, provided an overview of how his new company Praized used Comatose in a multi-lingual setting.

So, all in all, another really great evening of information, pizza and fun!

Now a couple of administrative notes:

- If you RSVP on the Upcoming.org page, please either: COME or take your name OFF the list. This month, we were at capacity on the Upcoming page, but only had about an 80% attendance rate… that’s not great. So please be better about that.

- Our goal is to have two 30-45 minute presentations and one 10-15 minute presentation, per event. We’re going to try to police the time constraints a little bit more militantly tightly (by calling out a 5 minute warning?) so that the evening wraps up in a reasonable amount of time.

- We’re looking for two speakers for next month’s (Dec 4th) meeting – one short, one long talk. Shoot us an email if you’re interested.

See ya next month!

MoR4 Tonight!

We’ll be a capacity crowd (yet again) at Montreal on Rails tonight at StandoutJobs‘ offices on St-Laurent. And good news: they have a buzzer now, so you won’t be locked out!

Like last time we’ll be raffling off a couple of books (generously provided by O’Reilly) and there may even be some kind of special announcement (ah, the suspense!)

Don’t forget to bring a few bux for pizza and/or contributing to the MoR equipment fund.

See you in 2.75 hours.