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MoR 3: another smashing success!

Yesterday was Montreal on Rails #3 and god, it was good!

Our presenters, Gary Haran, François Beausoleil and James Golick all gave very insightful and interesting presentations. If you want more information about these, I have posted more information on the past presentations page.

Alain Pilon took great pictures of the event has already posted them on Flickr. James Golick and François Beausoleil both videotaped the presentations so we can (hopefully) expect multi-angle videos shortly. See the Pics & Vids page.

Many people went out for a beer(s) afterward (to wash down that Domino’s Pizza!) and, as always, I had interesting conversations with Mathieu Martin and Marc-André Cournoyer.

Apparently, a few of you don’t know we have a Google Group. Well, we do! Feel free to subscribe to it and post your burning questions.

Special thanks to Standout Jobs for hosting the event. The new venue is fantastic! A big thank you to O’Reilly for sponsoring the event with free books!

We at Karabunga never thought MoR would be such a success, so most and foremost, thanks to YOU!


  • Oct 3rd 200710:10
    by Alain Pilon

    Btw, I just looked at the pics I took at work and they seem very dark while they look ok on my home computer. Anyone can tell me if the problem is with my Apple Cinema Display or the ugly NEC screen from my office?

  • Oct 3rd 200710:10
    by Carl Mercier

    Alain: they’re indeed a little darkish, but good enough, so please,don’t pull them :)

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  • Oct 4th 200708:10
    by Jean-Pierre Levac

    Nothing that a little Photoshop can’t fix. ;)

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  • Oct 13th 200703:10
    by François Beausoleil

    The slides for the Piston presentation are finally up. Get them from: http://blog.teksol.info/2007/10/13/montreal-on-rails-3-piston-talk

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