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Ruby on Rails vs DJ Ango (aka Django)

  • Stupid? Check.
  • Geeky? Check.
  • Funny? You judge.

MoR3: Tuesday October 2nd

Alrighty then!

Fred Ngo has kindly confirmed for us that StandoutJobs will be hosting the next (and future!) MontrealOnRails event(s) at their shiny new offices at 3981 boul. St. Laurent, suite #615. Well done Fred and thanks for the generous offer.

On to administrative details for the event:


This one is going to big. We have two seasoned RoR gurus that have stepped up to the plate.

- Gary Haran will be talking on Javascript with Prototype, in what promises to be an interesting follow-up to Chris’ EXT presentation last month.

- François Beausoleil is coming all the way from Sherbrooke to present his very own Piston utility.

- James Golick will present 2 great plugins: make_resourceful and shoulda.

Other Stuff

As usual, please RSVP using the much-loved Upcoming.org service. Note that the start time will be 6:30PM. Please be on time. Also, we’re upping the attendance ceiling to 40 ppl, reflecting our new, bigger digs.

We’re planning to have a pizza break between the two talks; so if you’re interested, bring a few bucks to get in on the action. We’ll be providing pop — I’m taking suggestions in the comments, but Tahiti Treat is out of the question (bad TT trip in 1st year uni…)

See y’all in a few weeks.

What a great evening last night!

I just wanted to thank everybody who attended MoR last night, we had great presentations and I hope you all had a blast! We sure did.

I posted my pictures on Flickr and you are invited to do the same. Please follow the simple tagging guidelines just to make sure your pics (and videos) are easily findable.

We will announce more details about the next MoR soon (speakers, location, etc). It looks very promising so far!

Tonight: MoR2

Reminder: The second Montreal on Rails meetup goes down tonight, starting at 6:45PM sharp (The building doors are locked down at 7PM). Location is the same as last time, MAAS Chemistry Bldg Room 328, McGill campus.

We have 3 cool talks lined up, so I hoped you’re revved.

If you haven’t RSVP’ed yet, pleased head on over to the Upcoming page to do so — there’s a handful of spots left.