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Speakers for Montreal on Rails #2

I’m pleased to announce the presenters for Montreal on Rails 2:

  • Chris Lamothe: Authentication with Rails
  • Chris Scott: Ext on Rails; using Jack Slocum’s Ext framework in your Rails app
  • Terje Tjervaag: Client side debugging with Firefox
  • Newbie on Rails: Open discussion where you can ask just about anything related to Ruby or Rails; the more seasoned attendees will answer them.

As you can see, we have yet another exciting line-up!

If you are interested to present at an upcoming event, please get in touch with us. Presenting at MoR is fun and easy. There’s nothing to be afraid of, really.

We can’t wait to see you guys… and don’t forget to RSVP! We were sold-out last time.

Next Meeting: Speakers Wanted

First off, the next Montreal on Rails meeting will be on Tuesday, September 4th. Mark your calendars and go RSVP now. Note that we’ve moved the start time to 6:45 PM.

Despite some holidays and out-of-town-ness the planning effort for this next meeting is now in full swing. We’ve had some tepid interest from potential presenters, but we do not yet have 2 confirmed speakers on deck for the September meetup.

This means, you should give a talk!

It’s easy. You love Rails, and so will everyone else in the room. All you have to do is share your little domain of expertise, and if don’t have a particular domain of expertise, that’s OK, because we’re always looking for presentations appropriate for a beginner audience as well.

If you’re interested in speaking on any RoR-related topic, do shoot us an email.

An administrative note, we’ll be running this meeting in the same McGill classroom again. We’ll see what the turnout is like, and make a decision about future space options. We’ve investigated some other possibilities, which we’ll bring up for discussion.

Debrief: First Meeting

So, that was fun!

I think it’s fair to say that our inaugural event was a modestly big success. Thanks to all of you who came out and participated in the evening. Thanks especially to Marc-André and Carl who gave sweet presentations. Big ups to you guys.

An administrative request: If you came out this evening, please drop a comment on this post with:

1) Your thoughts + suggestions.

2) Your contact information (if you’d like to share it for networking purposes). We may roll this info up into a “Local RoR Devs Contact Page” on this blog. Is that a good idea?

Some thoughts from my end:

  • The room is probably not ideal – I’d like to explore options to find us a bigger space, and one where donut consumption may not be met with such scorn ;) Some people have mentioned the ETS, if anyone else has other suggestions or contacts, please let me know. (I think we’ll have to do it at the same venue for September, because we won’t have time to organize something properly before then. I’m shooting to have something better lined up for the October event)
  • Upcoming.org was suggested to be too onerous. How big of a problem is this? We’ll consider a wiki, or other options, but want to make sure it’s a sufficiently big issue to warrant the effort. For now, I’ll just set up a new Upcoming page and if it’s a big deal we’ll switch to a more flexible option. (Upcoming sent me a free tshirt so I’m a fan… what can I say, my love is cheap).
  • I’m not sure if the “discussion forum” after the presentations really worked. Should we try again? Have people submit questions in advance? Maybe try a different angle?

Thanks again for kicking off MoR on such an enthusiastic note. Look forward to seeing you next month!

Getting There

For those of you that don’t know McGill campus, the MAASS Chemistry building is on the corner of University and Sherbrooke.

You can find a campus map here for more details.

See you tonight – and keep in mind the doors will be locked tight at 7PM, so try to arrive closer to 6:30.